Meet your 2021 RAM NCFR contestants heading to Kissimmee! -

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Meet your 2021 RAM NCFR contestants heading to Kissimmee!

Meet your 2021 RAM NCFR contestants heading to Kissimmee!

Rodeo is in the air! The RAM National Circuit Finals Rodeo kicks off in Kissimmee, Florida in just a few short weeks! Rodeo action will be on the dirt shortly, but first, tip your hats to the top contestants in the rodeo industry.  

picture of the back number on a cowboy in a blue shirt and tan cowboy hat. These cowboys and cowgirls have competed at Pro Rodeo (PRCA) level events for the past year and walked away as the event winner or the year-end champion at their respective circuit finals to earn a qualification to the RAM NCFR.

After a year of uncertainty, these champions exhibited the tenacity required to chase gold buckle dreams. Job well done, congratulations, and best of luck to each contestant for qualifying!

Meet your 2021 RAM NCFR contestants below!

Anders, Kalane SW

Atwell, Corey BR

Aus, Tanner BB

Beaty, Austin BR

Benton III, Trey BR

Bertus, Jeff BR

Bloom, Wyatt BB

Bockius, Britt TR

Boos, Reed Lewis TR

Boquet, Dustin Donovan BR

Bott, Bryce CR

Boyle, Pat TR

Branco, Stan SW

Breding, Parker BR

Brooks, Chase SB

Broussard, Taylor BB

Brown, Jake BB

Brown, Jesse SW

Brown, Kevin TR

Brown, Scot TR

Brown, Zack BB

Bruce, Cooper TR

Bruno, Kade SB

Burks, Andrew CR

Burwash, Jake SB

Byram, Colton BR

Camera, Mary Jo GB

Carrales, Paul BR

Carrington, Kelley GB

Caruso, Aidan BR

Casper, Wyatt SB

Cassidy, Curtis SW

Champion, Richmond BB

Charley, Kyle BB

Chesnut, Wendy GB

Clay, Jake TR

Corbett, Logan BB

Crawley, Jacobs SB

Crites, Brye TR

Crouse, Tom Joe CR

Crowther, Margo GB

Curry, Cole TR

Dalchow, Kiley GB

Day, Radley TR

Devers, Cody SW

DeMoss, Cody SB

Downing, Shawn SW

Driggers, Kaleb TR

Edler, Jacob D SW

Egurrola, Pedro TR

Egusquiza, Dustin TR

Eike, Kyle SW

Eirikson, Josh CR

Eldridge, Dakota SW

Evans, Jarett BR

Farquer, Colton CR

Farr, Meka GB

Feild, Kaycee BB

Finlay, Jake SB

Flake, JC TR

Flores, Jesse BR

Frost, Josh BR

Goodrich, Jodi GB

Gordon, Colt SB

Guenthner, Scott SW

Guy, Nick SW

Hageman, Wyatt Jay SB

Hannum, Olin SW

Harper, Joe SB

Harris, Turner TR

Hatchel, Nathan BR

Hawkins II, Buddy TR

Henry, Kincade CR

Herrin, Hunter CR

Hixon, Jared TR

Hosley, Tre BB

Hostetler, Ray SB

Howlett, Jamie BB

Irwin, Kyle SW

Jarboe, Roscoe BR

Jarrett, Ryan CR

Jeffries, Luke CR

Joaquin, Jay SB

Johnson, Chet SB

Joiner, Marc SW

Kammerer, Jacob SB

Kananen, Chaz TR

Kastner, Trevor BR

Kaufman, Blaine BB

Kempfer, Parker SB

Kent, Tim BB

Kenzy, Myles CR

Kesler, Quinn TR

Kilgus, Zane CR TR

Kipp, Tyke SW

Kruse, Lindsay GB

Kuttler, Max TR

Lamb, Kody BB

Lee, Rio BB

Lee, Tarryn GB

Leinaweaver, John SW

Lord, Eli Sturgis SW

Lucas, Kyle CR

Mason, Dallee BR

Massey, Dalton SW

Mayfield, Shad CR

McGehee, Lane BB

McLeod, Tyce TR

Mebane, Karson SB

Medlin, Logan TR

Meged, Haven CR

Mehalic, Lake GB

Miller-Beisel, Emily GB

Minor, Brady TR

Minor, Jake TR

Minor, Riley TR

Mitchell, Lane TR

Montero, Trenten BB

Moore, Amberleigh GB

Moore, Cody SW

Morgan, Shelley GB

Mortensen, JC BR

Mulford, Christina GB

Muncy, Taos SB

Myers, J.R. CR

Neely, Reed SB

Nelson, Travis SB

Nogueira, Junior TR

Nowlin, Trevor TR

Oftedahl, Chance CR

Pelton, Jordan BB

Peterson, Jake BR

Petska, Kathy GB

Phipps, Tanner BB

Pickett, Bo CR

Quarnberg, Trampus CR

Rahlmann, Coy TR

Reed, Ryan TR

Reiner, Cole BB

Reinhardt, Tamara GB

Reiss, Riley SW

Reiste, Trevor BR

Richardson, Braden BR

Robertson, Matt TR

Robinson, Clint CR

Rogers, Erich TR

Rogers, Garrett TR

Rose, Lacinda GB

Roseland, Talon SW

Routier, Jessica GB

Rowland, Lane BB

Santos, Taylor CR

Schmidt, Chuck SB

Schott, Chance BR

Schroeder, Dylan SW

Schuster, Tiany GB

Shadbolt, Garrett BB

Shawnego, Joseph TR

Shuckburgh, Ryan SW

Siddoway, Colby TR

Smith, Chuck TR

Smith, Cindy GB

Smith, Justin CR

Smith, Tegan SB

St. Clair, Kirk BB

Staton, Cade SW

Staudt, Jase CR TR

Stites, Will SB

Stocking, Shoop SW

Summers, Clint TR

Telford, Jessie GB

Teller, Cullen TR

Theriot, Marcus TR

Tonozzi, Garrett TR

Tryan, Brady TR

Tyner, Dillon James BR

Ullery, Clay TR

Vest, Stetson CR

Von Ahn, Ryan TR

Ward, Andrew TR

Watson, Jake SB

Watts, Trey SB

Welsh, Amanda GB

White, Cooper TR

White, Tucker TR

Whitt, Hawk BR

Wilde, Morgan BB

Williams, A.J. SW

Williams, Erin GB

Williams, Taylor TR

Wisehart, Craig BB

Wright, Ryder SB

Wright, Spencer SB

Wright, Stetson BR

Yates, Kelly GB

Yates, Marty CR

Young, Trey CR

Zancanella, Matt TR

Rodeo abbreviations for events:  

BB=bareback riding, SB=saddle bronc riding, SW=steer wrestling, TR=team roping, CR=tie-down roping, GB=women’s barrel racing, BR=bull riding

As cowboys and cowgirls go head-to-head for a national championship, cheer from the grandstands at the Silver Spurs Arena, or watch all the action streamed on The Cowboy Channel each night! Whether you’re joining us in Kissimmee or from across the US, cheer loud and proud for these 2021 RAM NCFR contestants!

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-6 Days 16 Hours 50 Minutes 52 Seconds to the RAM NCFR!