How to get the best bang for your “buck” when visiting Kissimmee

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How to get the best bang for your “buck” when visiting Kissimmee

How to get the best bang for your “buck” when visiting Kissimmee

Being from Kissimmee, just a few steps from Orlando, we’ve grown up in tourism. We always love seeing families in the airport when we’re flying out for a trip, usually sporting their latest Mickey Mouse gear and Harry Potter wands, passed out at the gate after the best vacation ever. There are only a few places in the world that can do that to people.

Usually the trip of a lifetime means the expense of a lifetime, often causing Dad to tell the kids they’ll have to skip next year’s family vacation. Who wants to be that guy? No one. So where can you stay? Kissimmee. A few minutes to the world’s most famous theme parks, miles of beaches, adventures and thrills like you’ve never experienced before, and the best way to get a little more bang for your buck when you plan your trip to the Orlando area. Want a few tips from the pros? Here we go…

Balance your expensive days with some value days

We know people come here for the best theme parks ever, but they can be pricey. We’re talking $100 per person PER PARK just to get in for the day. Don’t get us wrong. We love them and you have to go. But balance those expensive park days with a few days that are lighter on your wallet. Hang on for dear life (and maybe meet an alligator!) on an airboat ride at Wild Florida, or grab your suit, towel, and lunch and head out to the Atlantic beaches (for free!). We also know this great little championship rodeo thing going on in the spring that is approximately $20 per person, and kids 12 and under are free. There are plenty of what we call “half-day attractions” in Kissimmee, and they are a great value, but won’t wear you out. Some of our favorites include Tree Trek, Machine Gun America, Old Town, Downtown Kissimmee and St. Cloud, the Crayola Experience, and LEGOLAND (Yes, LEGOS!). If you’re more into nature and doing the local thing, try Osceola County Grown Farmers Market, play at Kissimmee Lakefront Park, or grab a beer at our own Reprise Brewing in St. Cloud. We hear the Soldier City Ale is pretty good!

Plan your meals in advance

One thing everyone loves to do on vacation is EAT! Bye bye, diet. See you next week. Planning your meals in advance can help you know how much spending money to bring with you and minimize impulse decisions and overspending. Kissimmee is full of great local restaurants that are light on the wallet. Check out Celebration, Downtown Kissimmee, or Downtown St. Cloud for some local finds, or The Loop if you’re looking for your favorite chain restaurants. Planning your meals out will help you afford those Mouse Ears you’ve been looking for.

Stay in Kissimmee

Here in Osceola County, we are all about hospitality. Anywhere you travel you can oftentimes find the major chains of hotels like the Marriott, Best Western, Holiday Inn and more. However, sometimes they have sky-high rates since they are major corporate hotels. Here in Osceola County, we have some quaint, clean, friendly and affordable hotel options for you! If you are planning that family vacation, save a few bucks and stay at places like the Satisfaction Resort or the Flamingo Waterpark Resort. We have worked with the Satisfaction Resort’s hotel staff directly and we can assure you that their hospitality is on point!

Read Online Customer Reviews

We encourage you to check online customer reviews for any of the places you wish to play, dine and sleep! After all, you definitely want to hear from other travelers who have firsthand experience. Doing some research and planning ahead is something we truly advise when planning your family vacation to Kissimmee. We want to be sure you get the best bang for your bucks!

We hope you find this helpful when planning your next vacation to Kissimmee! Visit Experience Kissimmee’s website for a more comprehensive list of things to do in Central Florida. We hope to see you this spring!How to get the best bang for your “buck” when visiting Kissimmee