Meet your 2021 RAM NCFR Contract Personnel! - RAM National Circuit Finals Rodeo

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Meet your 2021 RAM NCFR Contract Personnel!

Meet your 2021 RAM NCFR Contract Personnel!

Each year, champions from around the country head to Kissimmee, Florida to compete at one of the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Associations’ richest rodeos! On April 9th and 10th, the best of the best will head to Osceola County for the RAM National Circuit Finals Rodeo! On the blog, meet your 2021 RAM NCFR contract personnel! 


Roger Mooney (Right) announcing the 2019 RAM NCFR.

Born and raised in Ellijay, Georgia, Roger Mooney began his announcing career in 1984. When he was in college, he stepped in for the scheduled rodeo announcer who had a heart attack. In a short time, Mooney went from being a contestant to one of the best announcers on the circuit. 

Anthony Lucia comes to us from Weatherford, Texas. After learning the art of entertaining from his dad, Tommy Lucia, he developed those skills, made them his own, and began a career in professional western sports broadcasting. 

As you sit in your seat at the 2021 RAM National Circuit Finals Rodeo in Kissimmee, Roger and Anthony will deliver an electrifying experience! Between announcing and educating throughout the different events, it’s surely a rodeo you won’t want to miss!


It takes a small army to produce a rodeo of this caliber! Secretary Jessi Franzen and Assistant Secretary Cathy Wieferich will serve as the main point of contact for all official information. They’re responsible for several administrative duties like compiling reports and times from judges regarding the official times and the contestant and stock draw. 

As the final performance on Saturday, April 10th wraps up, the RAM NCFR and PRCA committees will get the official results from the secretaries before announcing the 2021 RAM NCFR Champions! 


DeeDee Dickinson has been a long-time timer of the RAM NCFR. She will be accompanied by Penny Walton. There must be at least two timers who agree on each contestant’s time for each of the timed events: calf roping, team roping, steer wrestling, and barrel racing. They also are responsible for marking the eight seconds during the roughstock events: saddle bronc, bareback, and bull riding.

Pickup Men

The roughstock events would be impossible to accomplish without the help of Chase Cervi & Will O’Connell! Chase and Will assist in the saddle bronc riding and bareback riding events to ensure the riders receive a safe dismount. They will also lead or rope the bulls and broncs out of the arena. They’re easy to spot as they will be horseback in the arena! Look for them at each performance of the 2021 RAM NCFR. 


The bullfighters are responsible for keeping the bull riders safe upon their buck off. The RAM National Circuit Finals Rodeo bullfighters, Jake Geiger & Logan Blasdell, will keep champions from across the country safe as they compete against the nation’s top stock! 

You’ll see Jake and Logan in front of the bucking chutes during the bull riding! Watch them closely as they step in front of 2,000-pound bucking bulls to protect the top 24 bull riders from each circuit!


JJ Harrison is back again! Also known as a rodeo clown, JJ is the one packed with funny jokes, dance moves, and is easy to spot with face paint. As the rodeo progresses, you’ll see him in the stands and on the arena dirt entertaining you and the rest of the crowd during slow points of the rodeo.

Meet the RAM National Circuit Finals Rodeo Contracted Personnel heading to Kissimmee

JJ Harrison interacting with the crowd at the 2019 RAM NCFR.

Don’t confuse JJ with the bullfighters, even though it can be easy to assume they have the same responsibilities. The rodeo clown or barrelman is responsible for your entertainment while the bullfighters are responsible for the safety of the riders. You’ll be able to watch all three of them in action at each performance of the 2021 RAM NCFR!

Music Director

Benje Bendele and the Crazy Heart Sound and Lighting crew head back to the Silver Spurs Arena for this 2021 Kissimmee rodeo! He is the most sought after sound man in rodeo, working all the major events. The effects and music can’t be choreographed, because the action doesn’t allow it. With split-second timing, Benje finds the right music or effect to bring together that excellent ride, fast time, or explosive dismount. 

Lucky you! Benje will be back in Kissimmee and you get to experience the rodeo the Crazy Heart way at the RAM NCFR. 

Come rodeo with the champions from across the country, the nation’s top stock, and the best contract personnel the PRCA has to offer! Tickets are on sale NOW for the 2021 RAM NCFR held on April 9th and 10th at Osceola Heritage Park


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