RAM NCFR Rodeo Rhett is back in Kissimmee! - RAM National Circuit Finals Rodeo

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RAM NCFR Rodeo Rhett is back in Kissimmee!

RAM NCFR Rodeo Rhett is back in Kissimmee!

RAM NCFR Rodeo Rhett is back in Kissimmee!

We realize many of our rodeo friends and families are spending quite a bit of time at home these days. We want you to know, Rodeo Rhett is back in Kissimmee and he’s here for you! 

Whether your children are currently homeschooled or having to stay home due to the COVID-19 regulations from the CDC, we hope to provide you with a little fun at-home activity you can do with your kids. Let’s learn about rodeo with Rodeo Rhett

RAM NCFR Rodeo Rhett is back in Kissimmee!
First things first! We encourage you to visit our website RNCFR.com, click on the Rodeo Rhett tab in our navigation and learn a bit more about who he is and what he stands for. We encourage you to download him, print him out and get creative decorating him! 

RAM NCFR Rodeo Rhett is back in Kissimmee!Rodeo Rhett is an ambassador for the sport of rodeo. He always dresses to impress in his cowboy’s finest. Now, he just needs your special touch to bring him to life! You’ll notice he even wears patches on his shirt and chaps. On Rodeo Rhett, he is sporting the Experience Kissimmee patch, the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association patch and the RAM National Circuit Finals Rodeo patch. In the rodeo world, patches represent different brands or companies that sponsor the contestants. Contestants often rely on the support of their sponsors to help them with their travels to and from rodeos. Rodeo can be an investment for the contestants as some of them can travel over 250 days a year or approximately 100,000 miles by plane, truck or train. 

We hope you’ll get creative with your kiddos decorating Rodeo Rhett and then share your masterpieces with us! Think of Rodeo Rhett similar to the Flat Stanley concept. Once you finish decorating him, cut him out, place him on a popsicle stick or stick of your choosing, then show us your adventures with Rodeo Rhett. Since many of us are confined to our homes, feel free to share your “adventures” with him around your house, backyard or wherever you feel Rodeo Rhett’s adventures can be safe and fun! 

Some fun things Rodeo Rhett has told us he likes to do include:

  • Visit backyard playgrounds if you have one and take a ride down the slide
  • Host a scavenger hunt in the backyard or in the house and have Rodeo Rhett help find the hidden treasure
  • Hang by the pool, 6ft apart of course, and enjoy the sunshine and fresh air
  • Practice your favorite rodeo events by using items around the house to make an arena
  • Help with reading stories during the school day or before bedtime

Take some fun photos and tag us in your social posts! We’d love to share them with our rodeo fans near and far as we come together as a digital community! We also want you to share the fun things you did with your Rodeo Rhett so others can do the same!

We hope to see you for our next rodeo in Kissimmee! Check out the website for all event details and our latest rodeo news.

RAM NCFR Rodeo Rhett is back in Kissimmee!

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