Rodeo queens: Ambassadors for the sport of rodeo

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Rodeo queens: Ambassadors for the sport of rodeo

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Rodeo queens: Ambassadors for the sport of rodeo

Rodeo queens are known for starched Wrangler jeans, pristine Greeley Hat Works cowboy hats, and passionately serving as ambassadors for the sport. Just like contestants, state and national queens travel thousands of miles to represent their home state in hundreds of events annually. In fact, Miss Rodeo America serves as the official spokeswoman for the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association.

Miss Rodeo AmericaSouth Dakota native Jordan Tierney was crowned Miss Rodeo America 2020 in Las Vegas, Nevada, on December 8th, 2019. As the Landstrom’s Original Black Hills Gold crown was placed upon her crisp, white hat by Miss Rodeo America 2019 Taylor McNair, Jordan became the new first lady of ProRodeo. The pageant is a combination of traditional categories; public speaking, personality, appearance, horsemanship, and a written rodeo knowledge test. The Miss Rodeo America pageant is held in conjunction with the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo, where the top fifteen contestants from the seven traditional rodeo events gather to compete for world championships.

It takes much more than just frequent flyer miles and a pretty appearance to be a rodeo queen. As soon as the crown is placed on their hat, queens start traveling across the country to several events to educate the public, creating awareness about the sport and the western way of life. A rodeo queen’s main focus is to educate the public by sharing contestant stories, sign autographs, meet future queens, and help create new fans. 

With sights set on becoming an ambassador, they funnel their passion for the sport to local communities and businesses to promote the western lifestyle for a healthy rodeo future. A rodeo queens job is so vital because, without fans and partnerships from the local community, rodeos around the country wouldn’t have the means to produce events. This holds true for the RAM National Circuit Finals Rodeo (RAM NCFR).

Miss Rodeo FloridaEach spring, the RAM NCFR heads to Kissimmee, Florida, for a week of tough rodeo competition. Here you’ll find top competitors from each event who qualified to compete in their circuit finals rodeos. Champions from those rodeos, as well as the year-end winners from each circuit, are then invited to vie for RAM NCFR championships. While the championship rodeo is in town, come to Kissimmee and meet several state and national queens. Miss Rodeo America 2020 Jordan Tierney, Miss Rodeo Canada 2020 Alicia Erickson, and Miss Rodeo Florida 2020 McKenna Andris, just to name a few, will be in attendance alongside over 200 cowboys and cowgirls. As one of their jobs is to engage with new fans, they’ll love to meet you, sign autographs, and answer any questions!

For today’s rodeo fans, it’s difficult to imagine the world of professional rodeo without rodeo queens. Charm, ability to promote rodeo events, teach the public, and turn rodeo spectators into lifelong rodeo fans is what places rodeo queen pageants in professional rodeo history. While the rodeo queens are visiting the RAM NCFR in the spring, you can catch them around the rodeo signing autographs, taking photos with rodeo fans and answering any educational questions they can for fans who wish to learn more about rodeo! 

We hope to see you for our next rodeo in Kissimmee! Check out the website for all event details and our latest rodeo news. 




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