Tyler Pearson: Your Reigning RAM NCFR Steer Wrestling Champion - RAM National Circuit Finals Rodeo

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Tyler Pearson: Your Reigning RAM NCFR Steer Wrestling Champion

Steer Wrestler, Tyler Pearson at buckle presentation

Tyler Pearson: Your Reigning RAM NCFR Steer Wrestling Champion

Tyler Pearson is the reigning RAM National Circuit Finals Rodeo (NCFR) steer wrestling champion! While Tyler comes with many accolades in the rodeo world, did you know he’s also recognized for being charitable, a great friend to many, and a first-class dad? He can outwrestle some of the best steer wrestlers in the world, bring home a gold buckle and raise his kiddos; Stetson (6) and Steelie (4), all while on the road. 

Tyler’s dad, Larry Pearson, roped and trained horses. From a very early age, Tyler developed a special bond with horses as he grew up roping and riding alongside his father. “I sort of started out doing junior rodeos for fun. I had buddies in high school who steer wrestled and I didn’t want to be left out, so I joined in. I wasn’t any good at first but I put in the work and had some success.” 

Steer Wrestler at rodeo in KissimmeeTyler, accompanied by his wife, Carissa, and their two kids, travel the country about six months out of the year competing in rodeo events. “We homeschool the kids. That way we can all be together, the kids get to travel to have new experiences and still get to watch me compete. They love it!”

Before the rodeo season begins each year, Tyler sits down with his travel partners, Ty Erickson, Kyle Irwin, and Tyler Waguespack (who have been traveling together since 2017) to come up with their rodeo schedules. “We all enter rodeos together and map it out. It’s a true team effort. Then we load up our rigs and go.” Not only do they plan their schedules together, but most of them will share horses and compete on the same ones! In steer wrestling, there’s no shortage of camaraderie. These contestants, who are also traveling partners, are directly competing against one another each time they enter a rodeo, yet they are each other’s biggest fans! There aren’t too many sports where you can witness opposing teams cheering for each other, let alone risking their position of advantage by sharing a sound and accomplished horse with their competition.

Tyler won the RAM NCFR on his horse and long-time partner, Scooter. Scooter is a two-time award-winning “Horse of the Year,” and infamous in the rodeo world for winning two world titles at the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo in 2017 and 2018. Did you know horses can have their own charity organizations? Fun fact: Tyler, Scooter and Kyle Irwin started Scooters from Scooter in conjunction with the Watering Seeds Organization with the goal of creating rehabilitation and wellness opportunities for individuals with disabilities. After Scooter won “Horse of the Year,” they took his $5,000 earnings and donated it back to Scooters from Scooter. Tyler and his traveling partners encouraged their sponsors to match the donation, and ended up raising $27,000 for kids in need to be gifted mobility scooters.

Tyler Pearson with trophy saddle

If you ask Tyler about Scooter, you’ll know he certainly has a very special love and bond with his horse. This bond no doubt plays a part in their ability to win together on the pro rodeo level in steer wrestling. “Our horses are everything for my job. Without them, we cannot win. If we could put Scooter in our house we would. He eats better than we do and he gets top-of-the-line vet treatments.”

Tyler has big goals, and now that he’s won the RAM National Circuit Finals Rodeo in Kissimmee, he has his sights set on winning a world title! Come see Tyler Pearson and his fellow traveling partners compete in Kissimmee this spring! 


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